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The Bio Diesel Store, Your one stop shop for everything bio diesel. We offer complete home bio diesel kits for home use and industrial use that are proven to be the best in the bio diesel kit industry. We also offer you technical support and assistance when you need it. And we use what we sell!!

Discover today just how easy it is to produce your own bio diesel fuel, saving you thousands of dollars per year in fuel cost.
Every day that you wait, costs you money.  Use the calculator below, to figure how it takes for you to pay for a system. Make The Bio Diesel Store your source for Bio Diesel products, support and more.

What Sets Us Apart?

Here you will find a list of what to look for and what to avoid. We have been in this business long enough to hear many different complaints about companies. These issues are not made up by us, we simply compiled the most common things our customers had to deal with before finding our company.

What to look for in a biodiesel equipment company:

1. A dedicated phone number for tech support.
2. Satisfied customers you can call for a reference.
3. Secure shopping cart and credit card processor.
4. A warranty with parts and shipping paid by the company selling the equipment.
5. Safety... make sure they put safety first and don't sacrifice safety for speed or cost.

What to beware of when choosing a biodiesel equipment company:

1. Processors you must assemble yourself.
2. Any so called biodiesel that requires unleaded gas to be mixed with it.
3. "Completely automated systems" (What about draining the glycerin and water?)
4. Magnesol or any type of magnesium silicate. (Difficult to filter out.)
5. Blue water pumps to mix methanol and lye.
6. Hand mixing of methanol and lye in carboys or tanks.

Here are some things that set our processors apart from others:

1. Patent Pending BioKleen System - Waterless washing system
2. Exclusive In-Tank Heating System
3. 7-10 hours of complete process time, compared to 7-10 hours
of processing time plus 18-30 hours of washing and waiting time.
4. 2 Micron Filter on every system.
5. Digital Process Timer with every processor.

Here are some things that set our company apart:

1. Full time phone and email support staff.
2. 100% quality parts, no shortcuts or parts you have to buy later.
3. No assembly or professional help required.
4. Easy to learn process with complete instructions in our manual and our DVD.
5. Our motto is: "Keep it simple, keep it safe."
6. We give you options. You choose exactly what you need.

If you have any questions about our company or products feel free to contact us toll free at 1-800-679-1398 or email us at bruce@freedombiofuelers.com.