What Can Use BioDiesel?

Any device or vehicle that uses a diesel motor can run on biodiesel!

1. Biodiesel is a fuel made from a vast variety of vegetable or animal oils, such as soybean, sunflower or canola oil. It can also be made from waste cooking grease and non-food grade nuts or seeds.

2. Biodiesel is a substitute for diesel and will burn in ANY diesel engine* without the need to convert the engine.

3. Biodiesel burns 78% cleaner than regular diesel according to the US EPA and is a sustainable resource.

4. If you make it yourself in an processor, there is much money to be saved.

5. Biodiesel has a higher lubricity rate making it better for the life of your engine than regular diesel.

6. The more biodiesel we use, the less dependent we are on foreign, petroleum based oil.

7. Biodiesel is biodegradable. (If the Exxon Valdez had been full of bio-oil, there never would have been a news story.)

8. Biodiesel will blend seamlessly with regular diesel at any ratio.

9. Biodiesel has other applications; it can be used as a heating oil substitute and is sometimes referred to as BioHeat.

* Recent DPF technology on American made trucks make it difficult to burn straight biodiesel in these engines; most can accomodate B20 or less.

Below are pictures of the equipment that the owner runs on biodiesel:

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