M70 Oil Press

M70 Oil Press

The M70-Oil Press is a revolutionary technology based on the ancient idea of pressing oil out oil bearing seeds and nuts.  This press is made from the highest quality metals and built to last.  It has been reviewed by local inspectors and approved to be used in food grade applications. It can press most nuts and seeds, and it is even capable of pressing oil from soybeans!

The M70 Oil Press comes with a 1 year warranty on parts breakage (including the gear motor).

This product contains custom made parts. Normal lead time is 2-4 weeks. This does not include the time it takes to ship.
  • Features

    Features and Benefits Found Nowhere Else!

    Our Oil Press is one of a kind. Although it may look like other products on the market, the simplicity and strength of our design makes it stand apart from all the others. Below are a list of features you won't find anywhere else!


    Cold Press

    The AgOilPress is a precision cold screw press. It is engineered to mechanically extract the most possible oil without producing high temperatures. The oil and meal under normal operation does not exceed 130°F (54°C). Typical oil extraction efficiencies run 82% to as high as 90% oil extraction. Because of the low temperature extraction, the nutrition in the oil and press meal is perfectly preserved.

    Inline Design

    Our Oil Press is mounted onto the gear box, with the VFD mounted to the back of the gear box, making the Oil Press powerful and easy to use.

    Continuous Operation

    The AgOilPress is engineered to be set up and run continuously 24 hours a day without any other intervention. As long as clean commodity is automatically fed to the AgOilPress, the machine will run without ceasing.

    The press requires 240V single phase input and draws only 4-6 amps under normal operation. Three phase power can also be used to power the press if it is available.

    The press motor has a variable speed controller to accurately set the rate at which the press runs. The slower you run the machine, the more oil will be extracted.

    Produces More Oil

    Because it can run continously - 24 hours a day - for months on end, and because our custom made parts are Rockwell 62-64 hardness (as hard as steel can get), our oil press will produce 50 - 70 gallons of oil a day; 1,500 - 2,100 gallons a month on most crops.