20 Gallon Survivor Fueler

20 Gallon Survivor Fueler

The 20 gallon “Survivor Fueler” is a must have for any “Off the Grid” or “Doomsday Prepper.” This unit is designed to run of off a battery and an inverter. Both are supplied with the unit. The battery will run the mixing pump for up to 5 straight hours. Most batches will not need more than 30 minutes of mixing time. When it is time to recharge the battery, simply hook the battery to your diesel vehicle battery using jumper cables and recharge the battery. You do not need electricity to operate this unit.

The Survivor Fueler Includes:

• Unit Is Designed To Operate Without Electricity
• Battery And Inverter Included With Unit
• Survival Fueler With Steel Plumbing
• One-Piece Steel Frame
• New Built-In Oil Filtration System With 200 Micron Screen And Bucket.
• Fueling Station
  • What's Included

    The Survior Fueler comes complete with the following components:

    • New built-in oil filtration system with 200 micron screen and steel barrel.
    • Exclusive In-line Static Mixer with over 10 times the mixing power of other processors.
    • New built-in temperature guage for easy process temperature readings.
    • Our Auto-Prime System allows for easy priming of the pump.

    • All steel plumbing with 1" brass/stainless ball valves.

    • One-piece welded steel frame. Safer than a triangle stand.

    • 100% draining cone bottom tanks.

    • Built in mist washing system. Easily wash your biodiesel.

    • Exclusive built in methoxide mixing system.

    • 720 GPH turbine pump.

    • EZ Titration Kit. Makes titrating your oil quick and simple!

    • Digital Scales that measure from 1 gram to 3000 grams.

    • Safety First Kit (2 different chemical resistant gloves, safety goggles, and dust mask)

    • Complete operating manual with step-by-step directions and advice.

    • Includes unlimited tech. support via phone or email.

  • Tech Specs

    Processing Info and Specs:

    • Converts even heavily used oils and fats.

    • Completely closed system with built in 7' vent lines.

    • Less than 30 minutes hands on time to make 40 gallons. Other kits take twice as long.

    • Dimensions: 48in. Long, 24in. Wide, and 62in. High

    • Weight: Non-heated: 200 lbs. Heated: 250 lbs.

    • Built with safety and quality in mind.