1500W Heater Kit

1500W Heater Kit

1500W Heater Kit
  • About

    Now all Freedom Fuelers feature an In-Tank heating system that is unlike any of our competitors. While all other companies are still using some type of heat exchange system, again we are raising the bar in another step to ensure that you make the highest quality biodiesel that you can. Heat your oil in minutes and keep it hot throughout the whole reaction. This is a must for people that live in cold climates. The in tank heater can also be used to break emulsions, dry your fuel, and loosen hardened lye glycerin that has settled and solidified from cold temperatures.

    Whether you are heating 40 gallon batches or larger 150 gallon batches, each heater is designed to properly heat the reactor tank in the same amount of time. That means that we can keep our batch times consistent no matter what the size of the processor. Call Jess or Ryan today to discuss which unit will be best for you. 1-866-503-0341

  • Tech Specs

    1500W Heater Kit Design Features - Works for steel or plastic
    - Allows heating to be constant throughout the entire process
    - Enclosure is sealed for safety
    - Comes with everything you need to install (except wrenches and
    hole cutout tool)
    - Works in most tanks (** Call customer service for validation)
    ** Recommended for 40 gallon batches (60 gallon tank).
    ** Please call customer service or sales for specific application