Methanol Recovery

Methanol Recovery System

Why would someone need a Methanol Recovery System?

• Cost Savings. Methanol is by far the largest cost in making biodiesel and the Methanol Recovery System has been proven to reduce operating expenses by an average of 20%.

• Clean Glycerin. By removing the methanol from your glycerin it can now be used for making degreaser, soap or other things. It can also be sold to wholesale buyers of glycerin or soap manufacturers.

• Methanol Recovery Service Business. The Methanol Recovery System can be used in a Methanol Recovery Service to service those in your area who are looking for ways to dispose of their glycerin byproduct.

How hard is the Methanol Recovery to use?

The Methanol Recovery System is very easy to use. You simply fill the unit with your glycerin byproduct, replace the access covers, and proceed with the startup sequence. The Methanol Recovery System will extract and store the methanol with very little user interaction required.. Simply monitor the process periodically and make minor adjustments as needed. Otherwise just watch and wait for signs that the recovery cycle is complete and proceed with the shutdown and draining sequence. There are no calculations or ingredients to add except your glycerin byproduct. The Methanol Recovery System is designed and built with safety and simplicity in mind. How long will the Methanol Recovery System take to pay for itself?

The Methanol Recovery System can pay for itself in as little as 90 days!

The Methanol Recovery System will allow you to reclaim 99.8% of the methanol from your glycerin byproduct and save $1,000’s each year.

*barrel not included

• 50 Gallon Glycerin Capacity with 20‐30% (10‐15 Gallon) Average Methanol Recovery
• Cycle Time (approx) 8‐10 hrs. (cycle times may fluctuate depending on several variables)
• Pressure/Temperature Safety Relief Valve (with external/remote vent pipe/tube)
• Insulated Outer Panels (increase safety & decrease cycle time by retaining internal heat)
• Removable Access Covers (top) for Easy Filling & Tank Outlet (bottom) for Easy Draining
• Fluid Level Sight Tube (labeled in 5 gallon increments including Min/Max levels)
• 3000 W, 240 V (single phase) In‐Tank Heater (with explosion resistant enclosure)
• Air Inlet Diffuser (with preset regulator & check valve, requires std air compressor input)
• Methanol Recovery Condenser (water cooled with standard garden hose inlet & outlet)
• Pressure & Temperature Gauges at Key Locations to Monitor Process
• Methanol Test Kit & Instructions Included
• Dimensions (approx): 65” H x 62” W x 28” D, Weight (Shipping): 375 lbs.

***Barrel not included***