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What is Biodiesel?
Through a process called transesterication, vegetable oil is refined with an alcohol in the presence of a catalyst to produce a fuel called biodiesel. Biodiesel is cleaner burning, nontoxic, and safer to use than petroleum-based diesel. Biodiesel meets the criteria set forth by the department of energy and is a registered alternative fuel with the EPA.

Why Biodiesel?

1) Environmental
Biodiesel is known to be less toxic than table salt and biodegrades as fast as sugar. Biodiesel burns more completely, reducing CO2 emissions by up to 75%. Biodiesel has a neutral net carbon output which helps to fight global warming. Biodiesel is proven to reduce the output of green house gases and reduces the need for foreign oil.

2) Performance
Biodiesel has demonstrated similar power ratings and fuel efficiency to petroleum-based diesel. Biodiesel is a powerful solvent (cleaner), which helps to keep tanks, fuel lines, injectors, and other engine components clean. Biodiesel can be mixed with any amount of petroleum-based diesel to create a biodiesel blend without any modifications to your vehicle.

3) Economical
Biodiesel can be made with the BioDiesel Kit for less than 70 cents per gallon. Other than the cost savings, biodiesel can also help our country's economy by reducing our dependence on foreign oil. Making biodiesel can also help our local farmers who produce oil bearing crops.

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